Replacement Ink Cartridges
New - Compatible - Cartridges


Times and inkjet technology have changed. It's no longer the simple buy the ink, and do it yourself. There are many replacement ink products available - however these are usually generic type inks - which may not be the ink designed for use in your printer. Sure that may work for a while - but then "look what that's done - I didn't know".

Save money and have your Orginal refilled with the correct ink.   We Refill most popular brands   All refill inks guaranteed

Cartridge development has become highly sophisticated with many makes and models currently being used today.

We supply a range of compatible cartridges coupled with our fast and efficient service.

Our commitment is to ensuring that the products you buy are of a premium quality - cartridges that work well. All non generic cartridges are ISO 9001 which is your guarantee that these are made to the same standards as the original

No more messy filling kits.

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Our products are value for money based - a quality ISO 9001 competitively priced.

So  new or compatible ink cartridges are helping you save when you need a more ink 



Compatible Cartridges

Exactly what is a compatible cartridges.

No more messy do-it-yourself - We do it for you - all guaranteedRefills for most popular brands - HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark etc

Compatible cartridges are NEW non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges manufactured by a third party to strict ISO-9001 specifications. They are not used cartridges or refilled cartridges.  Quality compatible cartridges are usually cheaper than new originals.

We provide a range of tested compatible ink cartridges.  Each compatible print cartridge is carefully researched, tested and proven before we will offer it for sale.  New compatible cartridges are being added to our range regularly.

So before you buy new cartridges - why not enjoy the benefits and save as well!
Selective compatible ink cartridges save consumers money and provide a choice in product.

All our compatible cartridges are fully guaranteed or your money back.


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