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We Understand Your Equipment Needs


MoreToner understands that with our extremely busy lives, we become heavily reliant on technology.

While computers are a great tool, they also become an incredible inconvenience when things go wrong.

Here is a simple way to get it fixed and save time & $$

Like most, you can spend hours on a problem, only to realise that you need a technician. More time is wasted sourcing a technician, coordinating times, until finally you need a site visit, or pack up the system, unplug the cords, bundling equipment into the car & deliver to a repair workshop. Days later you pick it up.?

Todayís executives require fast and efficient and sometimes immediate service, with less interruption, ALL at the click of a mouse.

Well its here.

MoreToner can repair your computer online from inside your system - whilst youíre online. No more taking it to a workshop or waiting days.

Unlike previous (VPN"s) Virtual Private Networks or Special Remote Software, MoreTonerís online system provides an encrypted secure link. This means there are no holes remain for anyone to access during OR after repairs.

Benefits Include:

  • No technical Skills íto activate this repair

  • Live & Online - repaired in real time

  • Secure - 256 bit encryption ensures connection safety

  • Low Costs Ė no callout Fees & technician overheads

  • You see & learn as you go

  • Proactive suggestions solutions to problems

Rates start from as little as 
$45.00 +GST per session.
Conditions Apply.

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Easy Online Repair 


1. Call MoreToner with a description
    your problem & credit card details

2. Click the return email link sent from
    MoreToner on the computer with the

3. Download and auto install a small

4. Reboot

4. MoreToner will log in LIVE at a
    pre-arranged time and repairs will be

            Its that easy.

MoreTonerís secure online repair
   provides end-user support on-demand
   from anywhere in the world, at any
   time, at your convenience.

All you do is call.

The majority of computer problems are software related.
90% of those, are caused by a user initiated changes

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