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We can not only help you in saving money for your business, but we can also help you in your business by improving your skills. Years of experience in computers & hardware and software allows us to provide personal training in most major software packages. We offer a variety of training that is personalised to suit your individual needs. 

You don't have to become an IT expert or attend lengthy classes to improve your skills. Work smarter and help you & your business - You need to know some important tips.

Frustration when things don't go how you wanted is usually due to not being shown how

Let us show you in a structured learning package with the content at a time and pace to suit you - no pressure, no exams. We can tailor a course to suit you or your individual company need  at a budget to suit

We can draw on resources from our knowledge base and background which comes from experienced trainers, IT professionals. For IT students, home business to business professionals. Subjects like:- 

  • Basic computing

  • Software applications including:

    • Microsoft Windows, & Windows Based Software

    • Internet including 

      • Professional searching - finding specific items

      • Make your Email more professional

      • Web site considerations, design & web site development

      • Domain registration for your own business web name or site

      • Domain Email & Web Management/ hosting arrangements

      • Internet Service Provider selection /arrangements

  • Computer set-ups such as

    • Personalising Computer Systems

    • Laptops options and accessories

    • The importance of backups

  • Printer networking

    • Faxes

    • Copiers

    • Scanners

  • Digital equipment & accessories

We offer personalised training at a location of your choice - tailored to suit your timeframe.

Dont Get Frustrated - Do Things Easier - Smarter - Save Time - Others know how...why not you? ...... Skills Need Upgrading - Regularly...Tailored training to suite you costs is less than you think......

Our training can be designed with you in mind - from basic to advanced. We give helpful facts and answers to get you going.

Standard training times run for approximately 2 -3 hours over several sessions dependant on the user levels. Each participants may receive a resource booklet on the details covered - dependant on the content required.

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Skills improvement is a lifetime of learning