Our Warranty

We offer you the complete warranty for our products.

What We Do?

If any of our supplied items/product/service purchased by you does not perform to the designed specifications, then notify us immediately OR return it to us within 7 days, and we will rectify the problem, 

This could be by way of refund  - OR - we may choose to re supply you a full replacement product dependant on the item/product/service purchased.

So what do you receive:


  • Firstly we take care of it - peace of mind

  • immediate attention or rectification

  • replacement product or your money back

  • access to free loan equipment by arrangement if needed

What we do.
  • Arrange immediately to visit your site - usually same day.

  • Inspect your machine free of charge for any faults or damage.

  • If the fault is due to our product or worksmanship - remove / replace / repair the supplied product.

  • Ensure the machine is fully operational

  • Guarantee any replacement product or service.

  • Ensure the customer is completely satisfied.

  • Our company is immediately or within 7 days notified of any fault promptly.

  • The fault is a direct result of using our supplied product or service only - not a machine fault or operator error.

  • That the fault is not tampered with in any way or serviced by any other person or agent

Our Warranty Does Not
 Apply if :
  • Damage is caused by the operator, or the operators site

  • Electrical Surges or Interference onsite 

  • Damage prior or after use by others

  • Faults due to  tampering or servicing by others

  • We reserve the right to inspect free first
    both the product, method of use, and the machine prior to any work. 

  • We reserve the right to take any appropriate action required to restore standard operation

  • This warranty does not apply to items other than the specific equipment involved or item sold.

  • The warranty does not extend to any and all other costs other than the specific products or service sold 

  • The warranty does not cover any other consumables used in the process of using the purchased item.

  • Nominated conditions as per the reverse side of our company invoice apply.

  • By arrangement on site access is restricted.

Thank You