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Customer Computer Tips

Having Problems with Internet using XP  - try this Click Here

These tips are designed to assist MoreToner customers only.  Moretoner is not responsible for any unauthorised use. The unauthorised user does so at their own risk. 

These TIPS are suggestions only. 
As systems are many and varied, adjusting these changes should be discussed /set by or at the direction of an experienced IT user or professional.  MoreToner will not be responsible for system changes made by persons other than Moretoner. Set correctly these have proven highly beneficial. 

Internet Explorer Browser Configuration Changes

Listed below are links to step by step changes made to standard or default settings supplied with standard Windows environments for IE6.  IE7 & IE8 are similar in content although the "tools" option is located in a different location. They are designed for those who use a PC at home or office and whom complete internet banking, stock transactions and other personal and confidential transactions that they don't wish to have stored or accessed allowing  unauthorised access. All standard systems are set at default, which allow auto "install on demand" (IE6 & IE7) programs from the internet, and store confidential information until manually cleared each time. 

Part One is changing the standard IE6 - 7 - 8 configurations to enable simple day to day cleanup.

Part Two is the few short steps to be undertaken each and every time transactions are completed.

These changes in no way guarantee or completely eliminate potential exposure, however these help greatly to minimise exposure on a standard configuration or machine set-up.

Click Here for Safety Changes for the Microsoft Internet Explore Browser Default Settings

Click Here for Steps involved once transactions are completed to remove details from your PC